Monday, October 18, 2010

"The more you that you read...

 ... the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." 
- Dr. Seuss

I've read the whole 28 chapters of Desperate in Dubai. The blogger/writer stopped posting anymore chapters because, according to its Facebook page, it will be hitting the shelves in Summer 2011, so yay and congratulations!

Honestly, it was a good read too, just like the Girls in Riyadh  book (the story is different, of course). The first few chapters were very satisfying and addictive to me. I liked the evilness of the the two characters -- Lady Luxe and Leila. I somehow got bored reading other chapters without them. Describing Leila's physical appearance made me laugh (a thank-you-doc lady)... 
"She is not overtly beautiful; her lips are a little bit too big (too much collagen), her nose is a little bit too sharp (an over-enthusiastic cosmetic surgeon) and her eyebrows are a tad too thin (no one to blame but herself). However, her big, blonde hair (courtesy of a fabulous hair stylist), smooth skin (La Mer), double Ds (a souvenir from Beverly Hills) and firm behind (her maternal genes) more than compensate for her aesthetically-off facial features."
Anyway, I have the feeling that the writer is an Indian or half-Indian and I also believe that somehow Sugar personifies her. Don't ask me why because I don't have any reason just a hunch.. LOL


Currently reading:  The Return of A.J Night: Vienna's Story (Chapter 2.2). Obviously, there are so many talented bloggers/writers out there.. I am encouraging B. Nightingale to keep on writing :)


What to read next:
1.  the sweetest SomalianArab girl ever Naz's The Veiled Secrets (blog)
2.  Ishiguro Kazuo's Never Let Me Go (novel and now a movie)
3.  Hawking & Mlodinow's The Grand Design (Did I see someone raised an eyebrow? :p)
4.  Medical Terminology for Dummies (self-explanatory, LOL)
...and a lot more!

P.S. 18 months and counting of being idle/unemployed (read: freeloader/parasite)... Wish me luck to get my career back on track!