Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Idiotic Question, Idiotic Answer

stupid questions.gifQuestions coming from Non-Arab women (dating or wants to date Arab men) asking insane questions about Arab men like they (Arabs) are some kind of an alien who just landed on earth (Hello earthlings!). And how am I supposed to answer it? What do you think?

Frankly, my dear ladies, I am no expert (as it's my first time to be linked with an Arab guy - a Saudi at that) but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to answer your questions. Sorry but they really, really, really crack me up and I can't help it.

You asked me silly questions, I will give you sillier answers:

Q:  How does an Arab man love?
A:  Through mental telepathy.. :p

Q:  Are Arab men good charactered?
A:  Are your men good charactered? How about the other men -- American, African, Asian, European, Australian, Latino etc, are they good charactered? And are you okay?

Q:  When a Saudi guy say "I miss you.", what does it mean?
A:  It means he wants to marry you, it's a proposal! LOL

Q:  How do Arabic men kiss?
A:  Hmmm.. they raise their legs, climb trees and do some acrobatic stunts then use their head antennas!?! Hahahahaha

Q:  How to date Arab men and boys?
A:  Hit them and drag them into the cave!* LOL

Q:  What are the dating languages they use?
A:  Star Trek's Klingon language and the languages used in Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, WTF!

Btw, are you on drugs or something?
Does he (Arab guy you are dating) know about it?

* I borrowed this "funny phrase" from my Saudi.