Monday, October 11, 2010

Are you chatting to a Saudi guy?

"Chat is only for some silly laughs and light entertainment, a great way to meet guys and joke around with them but it wasn’t anything to take seriously." - Girls in Riyadh

Here are some pointers you should keep in mind if you are chatting to a Saudi guy. I summarized (made it like a phase/stage) the guys-from-Saudi, particularly Riyadh, chatting style mentioned in the Girls in Riyadh book. (Although I believe this style is the style of all the men -young or old- in the chatting/internet world. LOL)

Stage 1:  Getting your name

"May I please know your name?"

Stage 2: Wants your number

"I am really so into you and I have never seen anyone like you, so, can we talk on the phone?"

He's going to pick on you and pester you to get your number. If you didn't tell him, he is going to give you his number anyway.

Stage 3: Wants to exchange pictures with you

He’s going to demand that you two exchange pictures, but in the end he’ll get impatient and he’ll send his even though you never send yours. He'll send you either his (1) "classic picture" where he is sitting behind his desk in a nice office with a Montblanc pen in his hand and a Saudi flag on a pole right behind him or (2) a picture of him sitting old-Arab-style on the floor with his traditional Arab dress and he’ll have one knee lifted off the ground with his elbow resting on it.

Stage 4: Confession of a Broken Hearted Guy

He’s bound to tell you that he was really in love with this fabulous girl two years ago and then she got married. She was totally, totally in love with him, but a good man proposed to her family and she couldn’t say no to it. And he - apple of his mommy’s eye! - was still so young and fresh and couldn’t set up a household and so he didn’t have a choice and he stepped back for her own happiness. Anything just to show you what a great, trustworthy and noble man he is!

Stage 5:  Offline Messages

After all his confessions, he’ll start leaving offline messages for you whenever you’re not there - a nice song or poem or a URL of a romantic story or an article that talks about love and how wonderful it is and whatever

Stage 6:  Professing His Love

After just a week or so, it will all come out:  He will confess that he is in love with you! 

"I’ve been looking for a girl like you for so long and I want to get engaged, but we have to get to know each other better and talk on the phone."

What’s really on his mind is arranging things so he can go out with you, but of course he doesn’t say that to you, all he’s trying to do at this point is to get your phone number. That’s enough to start with, and he doesn’t want to scare you.


Stage 7:  The Manly Attitude

Then it creeps up, slowly. The tiresome stuff starts. You get stuff on your screen like: 

"Why are you avoiding me?"
"Why do you take so long to answer my message?" 
"You’re not talking to some other guy, are you?"
"I don’t want you talking to anyone but me."
"I warn you, I’m a very jealous man."
"If you don’t find me online, you don’t have to stay."
"Log off!"

and other stuff like this that will make you so sick of him that you put him on block or ignore or even delete him from your buddy list altogether!

"The most important thing is that you don’t trust anyone and you don’t believe anyone. Just keep in mind that it is nothing more than a game and that all these Saudi guys are cheats and all they want to do is fool dumb girls." - Girls in Riyadh

P.S.  Again, the guys above do not represent all guys in Saudi. I think the intention of the above is to make sure you girls out there are "wise to the wiles and glaringly obvious pranks of savvy young men which might trap a newcomer to the Net."