Thursday, August 26, 2010

Superstitiousness At Its Best

Bug became an uncle for the second time yesterday. First was a nephew, this time a niece.  So we were talking about the gender while his sister was in the c-section room (as if we were at the waiting area, LOL). We both wanted a niece for him. Maybe because he has already a nephew and we thought it's cute to have a baby girl. He told me that his sister bought everything pinkie although she wasn't sure yet about the baby's gender. And when the sis was asked "what if it's a boy?" She simply replied, "then he will wear pink!"

We ended up talking about silly superstitions -- I started asking him if  his sis looked blooming because  where I come from, blooming/pretty pregnant woman means a baby girl. He said in his country heavy pregnancy  = boy. I asked if she was, he replied "a little". Well, in my homeland if preggers' nape and underarms are darker than normal it is believed she is carrying a boy.

My country has been accustomed to many silly pregnancy superstitions for many years. Some of them that I learned from old folks are:
  1. A preggers, if not given anything she craves, will have a miscarriage.
  2. Seeing or liking or hating a monkey or ugly person or any kind of creature when you are pregnant makes your child looks like them.
  3. Stepping over your husband while he's sleeping can transfer all the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.
  4. When a preggers eats a fruit from a tree, the remaining fruits will turn sour.
  5. A preggers will have twins when she eats twin bananas.
  6. If the stomach of a preggers is pointed, she carries a boy; rounded, indicates a girl.
  7. You will either become sleepy or feel drowsy if you share or eat food with a preggers.
  8. Visitors who don't enter the house or stays at the door will cause a preggers a difficult delivery.
  9. If the nipple of the first baby is rounded, next baby is a boy; if it has a division line in the middle (something that resembles a cut or slice) - girl.
Are there any pregnancy superstitions where you come from? Do you believe in any of it?