Saturday, August 14, 2010

Am I A Polyglot?

I am fascinated with language. When I was younger, I always watched international beauty pageants like Miss Universe and Miss World, not because I wanted to be a beauty queen but because I wanted to be an interpreter for non-native English speaking participants. I always think those interpreters are really really really cool. 

Foreign languages are my frustration. Aside from my country's official languages --  both my native tongue (one of the Austronesian languages) and English (as part of the normal school curriculum from preschool to college in my home country), I can speak and understand (just a little) three to five foreign languages: Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic and Hindi. 

I learned Spanish informally at home and from everyday conversations (about half of it is practically made up of Spanish words). I learned spoken Japanese, after college, through a video-based Japanese language study course which was aired on TV daily. While I was schooled formally in French recently. Few spoken Arabic and Hindi words from living/working in the Emirates.

Sure, I know much but quite frankly, I cannot even manage to speak  English or Spanish or French or Japanese well enough to be considered fluent. Learning a foreign language is really hard and can be very frustrating. Although, having brought up speaking mixed  languages (my native language + Spanish + English) I can say that it is a lot easier for me to learn a third or fourth language compared to those monolingual people learning a second language. 

Since I am just bumming around all day waiting for my "flight", my current goals are:
  1. devote 30 minutes of my  time on my French during weekdays (same with my English) 
  2. refresh my Japanese 6-9 hours weekly (besides I need to keep up with the bug because he is learning it for fun!) 
  3. Arabic at least 3-6 hours a week
  4. read read read read particularly "Handyman" Terminology for Dummies (so I won't feel like a fish out of water with bug) 
Ano, sumimasen, it's time to get back to realidad, shukran for reading my blog today, à  plus tard!

Hahahaha, what a show off! bug