Saturday, August 21, 2010

THE 99 - The Islamic "Justice League"

"THE 99" is the world first fictional nonreligious in theme superhero team gifted with Islamic traits. The comic book series promotes tolerance, teamwork and appreciation of diversity based on Islamic culture and history. It features 99 warriors, come from all over the world -- France, Hungary, Indonesia,  Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sudan, UAE, UK, USA and elsewhere, with superpowers mirroring the 99 aspects of Allah.

The superheroes are created by Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, a Kuwaiti psychologist, to fight evil and help change the way the world sees Islam. And just like other superheroes, the characters have alter egos. Twelve out of ninety-nine characters are the following:

Dr. Ramzi Razem
Fattah - The Opener
Hadya - The Guide
Jabbar - The Powerful
Jaleel - The Majestic
Mumita - The Destroyer
Jami - The Assembler
Noora - The Light
Samda - The Invulnerable
Widad - The Loving
Wassi - The
Download free copy of The 99 Origins:  Click here for the English version and/or here for the Arabic version

The 99 animation preview

"Ninety-nine mystical Noor Stones carry all that is left of the wisdom and knowledge of the lost civilization of Baghdad. The Noor Stones lie scattered across the globe-now little more than a legend. However one man has made it his life's mission to seek out what was once lost. His name is Dr. Ramzi Razem and he has searched long and hard for the missing stones, to no avail. His luck is about to change..."

Cool huh!?!
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