Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where Do They Go Now?

Have you read the news about banning face veils? I'm not talking about France or Belgium or across Europe here...

I'm talking about Middle East -- last year it was Egypt, this year it's Syria. The country now bans the burka, which covers even the eyes with a mesh mark,  and niqab, which covers the face and head but leaves the eyes exposed, in universities . 

The Arab News reported:
Syria is the latest in a string of nations from Europe to the Middle East to weigh in on the veil, perhaps the most visible symbol of conservative Islam. Veils have spread in other secular-leaning Arab countries, such as Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, with Jordan's government trying to discourage them by playing up reports of robbers who wear veils as masks.
Turkey bans Muslim headscarves in universities, with many saying attempts to allow them in schools amount to an attack on modern Turkey's secular laws.

I wonder what the European countries, particularly France, would say about this?