Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So What?!

Finally, I bought an external keyboard today but feeling lazy to blog... 

I'm disappointed with other people -- people who make controversial statements just for the sake of "shock value".

I have read few blogs about homosexuality in the Gulf (or in the Arab world) and most of  it sounded like it is the most shocking discovery in the history of the world! So they have gays but I  don't get it,  I mean, of course they have this gay population too just like in every country in the world, what's the big fuss?

The only difference, that will maybe "amaze" some people, is that in the Arab world, homosexuality is scandalous and it stays taboo.  And if they come out of the closet they will surely face criminal prosecution. 

IMO, if a gay Arab acts like "normal" e.g. strictly straight guy in public, it should be understandable because  it is forbidden and punishable crime... unless he is living in a non-Arab country.

Frankly, I can tolerate and accept homosexuals gladly (I will not criticize or defend them, neither  discourage nor encourage) provided that they will behave properly in public. 

Gays - should you support them or exterminate them? Why? ✿