Thursday, July 1, 2010

M M M My Shawarma...

I'm craving for spicy chicken or beef shawarma...

Iranian shawarma in Dubai

Shawarma, I loved it. Used to eat it along with Pepsi at lunch time and sometimes dinner especially if I feel lazy or have no time to cook. It satisfies me -- it's very tasty, not pricey and available to every cafeteria there (which serves a bigger size shawarma).

Although it can be found anywhere here in my homeland -- on a stand at the street and stalls at the shopping mall, I don't like it. It isn't the same, has a sweet taste and blah. It's in a size close to a spring roll and the strips of meat are too little. I've heard about the "Shawarma Rice" (rice instead of bread) here but haven't tried/seen yet. It's like a Middleeastern food with a touch of Southeastern.

Ah, I miss shawarma from the Shiraz Nights in Deira, Dubai. It's the best shawarma I ever had in the UAE... ✿