Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Lovely Question

Few days ago, someone has sent me this message and asked me a lovely question...

Peace be upon you,
How are you hope you are fine. Sorry for inconvenience.
But actually, I wonder why did you choose this name for youself (Bitten by an Arab bug" don't you feel it a bit offensive. I have entered your blog, it is nice. I'm really fond of your country and the big industrial progress there.Hope you could visit us here in KSA.
My regards.
Replied it with...
Hello there :)

Thanks - first, for liking my blog and second, ahmm for the interesting question :)

It is not offensive as "to be bitten by the bug" means to have a sudden strong interest in something. Example: Like milions of girls all over the world, Reenai has been bitten by the Pattinson bug. (Rob Pattinson/Edward Cullen of Twilight)

Since I am from the Southeast Asia who lives in the Gulf, fell in love with an Arab, etc..... therefore I am "bitten by an Arab bug" ✿