Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lizard And Beans

Kimball answer to Hunt's Pork & Beans? Ewww!!!

The lizard found in a can of Kimball baked beans (made in Malaysia) in Dubai. [Photo credit: Gulf News]
On Gulf News:
Dubai: Nothing can put you off your meal more than opening a can of beans and finding something staring back at you from inside the tin.
For Sandeep Sequeira that nightmare was all too true. He had bought a can of Kimball baked beans from a grocery store in Bur Dubai on Wednesday morning.
"When I got home I opened the can and I spotted something weird. So I took a spoon, placed the spoon under what was bothering me and lifted the spoon. It was half a lizard."
"I was lucky enough that it was right on top of the can. I was going to eat half the can only. I can only imagine if it was [right] at the bottom of the can."
He adds that the can didn't seem damaged in any way.
That was totally yuck! Even if the doctor said that the lizard found in the canned beans is not toxic, still it's gross, who wants to eat it? In the first place, the man bought baked beans not baked lizard and beans!✿