Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lemon, The Pimple Slayer

Two weeks ago I told you that I'm doing some "test-drive" on lemon since I cannot afford to get a professional treatments. So here's what happened...

I've been applying the lemon juice all over my face after washing and drying it. I just squeezed out the lemon on cotton and swabbed it on my forehead and cheeks, especially on the pimpled area, left it overnight then rinsed it off next morning. I repeated the procedure for 14 days in a row (still doing it).

I can't really say that lemons are excellent for skin care and that my acne scars faded but I did feel that my bumpy cheeks flattened. Not to forget that everytime I felt a pimple is starting to form somewhere in my face that will normally be very visible later, the area where the skin supposed to be bumpy next morning wasn't bumpy after all after leaving lemon on my face overnight. I guess the lemon did work, it prevents pimples to grow redder and bigger.

If you want a difference in the appearance of your skin, try this lemon trick for 2 weeks. You'll thank me later... ✿