Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Will Life Ever Go Back To "Normal"?

Dear Internet, I'm so vampiric without you, it's like having you here. Abnormally yours, Me

Life, without internet, sucks. I feel so very third world, so isolated and so disconnected from the outside world. I was actually waiting for a positive outcome of being internet-less, e.g. sleeping early or reading books or belly dancing or watchin real TV... But none of this happened, my sleeping pattern has gotten worst, I've been up longer than usual and staying more late than ever -- awake every whole damn night and sleeping around 10am and sometimes 12noon. Drinking not only a glass but 4 glasses of warm milk didnt work, I even tried counting... ANTS!!! I hate my insomnia, the only ones who benefit it are my pimples. They are feasting on my face!

(Hala, mar7aba y'all! This is me, Bitten, blogging from phone. Thanks for dropping by. You can leave your comments at the end of this message which will I read and publish it here later. -end of the message-)