Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh My Almarai!

Looking back on life in a Gulf country, there were few stuff that I patronized because they really suit my taste and standards. Almarai products were common to my grocery list and a must have on my cart:
fresh milk, black cherry yoghurt, orange juice with pulp, milk chocolate

Almarai, meaning "green pastures" or "meadows" in Arabic, is not just a trusted brand across the Gulf,  but also a part of everday life in the Arabian Peninsula. It is rooted deep within the Arabic culture and inspired by the people it serves and their life.

In the Arab world, the art of mastering proverbs is a cultural habit that is most cherished and celebrated, and Almarai juices launched TV ads patterned from Arabic proverbs:
  1. Never put off drinking today's juice until tomorrow. (Arabic Proverb: Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.)
  2. A juice in hand is better than fruits in a tree. (Arabic Proverb: A bird in hand is better then 10 in a tree.)
  3. More cherished than a fruit is the juice of the fruit. (Arabic Proverb: More cherished than one's child is one's grandchild.)
  4. Behind every great juice is a great fruit. (Arabic Proverb: Behind every great man is a great woman.)
Leaving you today with Al Marai Juice TV ad (in the UAE) which I find interesting because the sales attendant in the commercial is a Southeast Asian man (Filipino) ✿