Friday, June 4, 2010

Arabic Pick #006

Our Arabic Pick for today is...
English:  having contacts to do you favors
Wasta can make life easier because having them means anything can get done. Like:
1.   When you need a job or some promotion, whether you're qualified or not, it wouldn't be a problem for you  if your family has a friend related to the owner of the company or something to that effect.
2.  Processing legal papers such as passport, license, visa, etc. usually takes few weeks or months to get an approval but you can get it done in a day without any hassles if you know someone from the government.
3.  If there's a long que at the bank, cinema house, concert venue, restaurant, etc. and they let you in without question, then you have a good wasta. It's either you are someone prominent or a prominent person  is with you.