Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Arab Marrying An Israeli: A Betrayal To The Arab World?

 Egyptian men married to Israelis, including their children: citizenship is at risk right now. [AFP Photo]

The Egyptian court has just upheld that ruling and ordered to remove the citizenship of Egyptian men married to Israeli women (of Jewish origin) as a national "sentiments towards Israel". The ruling is for the "benefit of Egypt, a nation of leadership, history and civilization", "protection of Egypt and Egypt's youth and its national security" and it comes because "Israel continues its assault on those who love peace".  The case was originally brought to court to prevent the creation of a generation "disloyal to Egypt and the Arab world" and that children of such marriages "should not be allowed to perform their military service".

Would you consider an Arab disloyal to the Arab world for marrying an Israeli? How about their children, should they pay for the "crime" of their parents? Tell me what you think ✿