Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Unwelcome Bride And Her Monster-in-Law (Not My Story)

What you gonna do if this story happened to you?

He gave her a ring. The future mother-in-law gave her a finger. Sounds familiar? That was one of the movie tag lines of Monster-in-Law. Now, let me tell you a story similar to it...

The non-Arab woman met the man of her dreams - an Arab man who's very sweet, kind, etc. whom later on proposed to her but his mother rejects it. And even though they (his parents) want him to get married very soon - his mother does not accept the non-Arab woman neither want to meet her nor talk with her even on the phone.

His mother, of course, wants to arrange him with someone else (had suggested numerous women for him) even her son told her that he loves the non-Arab woman and doesn't want to marry anyone else but her. 

His father doesn't disagree with his decision, but he doesn't encourage either.  Apart from the fact that his siblings sided with their mother, he is the oldest son and his family is very traditional (nobody from their clan is married to non-Arab). So if he goes ahead marrying her without the mother's approval, his mother will completely disown him and they will end up miserable, unwelcome and left-out from the whole family.

Up to now, they are still holding on, fighting for their love and waiting for the family's approval. I really wish them the best... may we all get along and live happily ever after. ✿

Sad story, isn't it? They say, the greatest love story ever told... is your own. So, what's your story?