Monday, May 24, 2010

Sandal Surfing/Skating

Do you remember or have you seen the video of some Arab guys "surfing/skating" on the road using their sandals? The video continues to attract viewers worldwide for over 4 years now. Even a German TV show  have tried it but failed...

Sandals - the most preferred footwear by many Arabs. The Arabic sandals are styled open because of the hot and humid weather in the GCC. It is also because of the heat that many Arabs prefer not to wear socks and shoes which enclose the feet all the time. Sandals are popular to Arabs because they are easy to wear/take off, since these people are, traditionally, not allowed to walk with shoes or sandals on carpets and rugs. Plus the fact that Arabic sandals can be worn at any occasion - be it formal or informal.
Saudi sandals [Wikimedia photos]

Sandal surfing or sandal skating is a "new" extreme sport invented by few "bored" Saudi kids where they hang out from the doors of their car and glide around the highway on their sandals (without any special devices - just wearing their traditional dress called thawb and their regular sandals), making it look like they are “surfing/skating”. Watch the video below but don't even dare to try it!

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