Thursday, May 6, 2010

Miss Arab World

How many of you actually know about this pageant?
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For those who don't know about Miss Arab World, it is a contest that promotes values different from the typical beauty contest and allowed veiled and non-veiled women from all over the Arab countries to compete. It focuses on the beauty of the mind and morals of Arab girls over the physical beauty and aims to provide a positive image to the Arab world through a framework that conveys respect to traditions and Middle Eastern customs. It is very unique as every contestant parades in her national dress to express her culture and beauty instead of the typical bathing suits and so on.

Check out the past Miss Arab World winners: 
Saudi Arabian Mawadda Nour, Miss Arab World 2009 [Reuters Photos]

Miss Arab World 2009 Mawadda Nour (right), with first runner-up Jessa Zaher of Lebanon (left) and Rana of Syria (center)  [Reuters Photos]

Bahraini Wafaa Ganahi, Miss Arab World 2007 [Reuters/EPA Photos]
Miss Arab World 2007 Wafaa Ganahi poses with first runner-up Egyptian Shaimaa Mansour (2nd left), second runner-up Lebanese Rula Bahij (left), third runner-up Tunisian Khadija Mrabt (2nd right) and fourth runner-up Libyan Rima Al Kseri [Reuters Photo]
Tunisian Amira bin Yussef, Miss Arab World 2006 [Waleg/AFP Photos]
Miss Arab World 2006 Amira bin Yussef (center), with first runner-up Claudia  Hana of Iraq (right) and second runner-up Dina Shalabi of Egypt [AFP Photo]