Sunday, May 23, 2010

Know Your Geography

Did you know that the Gulf, the Middle East and the Arab world are not synonymous?

The Gulf Countries
The Gulf or the Arabia area is made up of the Arabian Peninsula. It is located in the southwestern region of the Asian continent. Except Yemen, the following countries constitute the Gulf Cooperation Council or the GCC Countries:
Bahrain  Kuwait  Oman  Qatar
Saudi Arabia  United Arab Emirates

The Middle East (or the Near East or the Southwest Asia) generally encompasses the lands around the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and the three non-Arab states (Turkey which is Turkish and Kurdish; Iran which is Persian; and Israel, the Jewish state)
    Bahrain  Egypt  Iran  Iraq  Israel  Jordan
    Kuwait  Lebanon  Oman  Palestine  Qatar
    Saudi Arabia  Syria  Turkey  UAE  Yemen 

    The Arab World
    The Arab world covers the West Asia, Northern, Western and Eastern Africa. It consists of the following countries:
    West Asia
    Bahrain  Iraq  Jordan  Kuwait  Lebanon
    Oman  Palestine  Qatar  Saudi Arabia
    Syria  UAE  Yemen
      Northern Africa
      Algeria  Egypt  Libya  Morocco  Sudan  Tunisia
        Western Africa
            Eastern Africa
            Comoros  Djibouti  Somalia

            While the Muslim/Islamic world stretches more or less around the world - Middle East, northern Africa, Central and Southern Asia, Southeast Asia, and even parts of China.

            Please see Wikipedia or check your Encyclopedia for better explanation and understanding ;-) ✿