Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grumpy Habibi, LOL

The other day I was planning to have a regular  post about sharing our (my Arab and I) thoughts - as in his view and my view - on different topics... something like "He Says/She Says" post, I repeat POST not advice column. It will be a weekly or fortnightly post depends on his mood. *LOL*

He was in a grumpy mood that day so when I asked him a question, he just gave me a short reply without explanation. So, I was like.."that's it?" which made him even grumpier. I explained to him that I was writing something and I wanted to get his opinion on the topic. He said it was boring and wasn't in the mood for serious talks blahblahblah. To switch our conversation into a lighter one, I asked him this...  

How about I write something with a title "OMG... He is grumpy, HELP!"  

It was effective, we LOLed at it! ✿

Take note:  Habibi is the most common Arabic term of endearment such as hun, babe, sweetie, etc.