Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't Go For These Arab Guys

Note:  This is a sequel to my last week's entry on dating Arab men.

"And Far Away…" has another set of Arab guys you should avoid if you live in the Arab world. Here they are...

1.  Mr. Nai Guy's idea of going out is always to a noisy, sweaty, smelly club. He's always hung over, unsocial and just down right dumb. He usually wears jeans and a button-up shirt, black shoes with flashy phone, a hot girl, a car with a price tag than can build a house for 10 families and a cigarette in his mouth.

2.  Mr. "We Need A 4th" Trix-Master's ultimate idea of fun is lack of sobriety and his utmost loyalty is to his card mates. He is a hard-core nicotine addict as all his games are spent smoking the argeeleh for hours and hours and hours. He usually wears pointy shoes with a lot of hair gel and a Honda Civic.

3.  Mr. School Cool Dude At 26 is friends with everyone, from the guards at the gates to the coffee-boy in the Deanship of Student Affairs and has cemented his status as a permanent facet to campus life, and he's kind of proud of it. He usually wears a t-shirt, sunglasses that never ever go off with a mod car complete with shine rims, flame stencils and his number on the back window.

4.  Mr. Gabaday Guy is a tough ass when he's generally just an ass and looks for a fight no matter where he is. He hangs out in a shady gym and thinks he's so gangstah. He usually wears tight-ass jeans with hideous tattoos and a thick silver necklace.

5.  Mr. Daddy Brat comes from a rich family, was at one of the best schools in town, works somewhere nice but doesn't really do anything there and drives insanely a nice car that changes every few months. He usually wears funky, expensive and more brands.

6.  Mr. Ultra Geek smells, dresses like your grandma and can only talk about PHP, Penguins and Debian.

7.  Mr. Jesus/Mohammad Kid (self-explanatory :p)

8.  Mr. Gulfian Student has never sat in the same room with a female who is not his mother, eats Kabsa and wears slippers in both winter and summer.

9.  Mr. Arts-Fartsy Lover thinks he's really, really cool, although he's really just unemployed.

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