Saturday, May 15, 2010

Because They Are Men

Hey guys! Here's my views on MEN - in a negative way - just thought I'd share it with y'all today :)

These perspectives come from  my personal experiences. I will try to express here some of their negative traits I had observed. These do not, however, necessarily mean that all men has it but I believe that these are their common traits. So please don't get me wrong this entry is not only about Arab men but all men from all walks of life. Oh yes, I am a man-hater...NOT!

Warning: Might be offensive to some people... (and sorry if this somehow offends you.) 

Sometimes or most of the time:

Men are asses, and they come in all shapes and sizes...
They thought love means controlling you and saying "I love you" once is more than enough. They also thought that staying at home watching TV instead of going out with friends means spending time with you and not neglecting you. Most of all, they don't want you to interrogate them - where they were, have they eaten, etc.  - for them it means not trusting them.

Men are totally overwhelmed in double standards...
They are the first ones who break their own rules. They do things or have the right to do things they do not want you to do, e.g. talking, befriending or  going out with the opposite sex, etc. The only thing they know and complain all the time is your nagging way, what about their jealousy and possessiveness? 

Men are egoistic, have an attitude problem and "I AM THE MAN" syndrome...
Need I say more?

Phew... men! 'Nuff said! ✿