Friday, May 21, 2010

Arabic Pick #004

Our Arabic Pick for today is...
ArabicWallah al7mdella 3al 3agal.
English:  "Thank God for the brain" or "Thank God for blessing us with brain benefit" something like this  (An expression Arabs say if they see someone doing something too stupid or crazy)
Ted:  That's Mimi Bobeck! (A fictional character from the American TV sitcom The Drew Carey Show)
Nat:  Wallah al7mdella 3al 3agal.
~ "3" = 'ain in Arabic (no English equivalent). A very rough "a" and sounds like "aaa", e.g. 3ioni (aaa-yoo-nee) meaning my eyes.
~ "7" = in Arabic (no English equivalent). A hard H (strong sounding "hhhaa") like you are clearing the throat... sa7 (sahhhaa)