Thursday, April 29, 2010

No, It's Not A Tablecloth!

Me: What do you call that tablecloth around the Arab's head?
My Arab: Ghutra is like the kitchen table cover. LOL
Me: Not keffiyeh?
My Arab: No, we call it ghutra and the small white cap is tagiyah. I don't know about keffiyeh, never heard about it before today.
Me: Whatevz, I will call it a tablecloth.
My Arab: Grr! No tablecloth costs 100 euros and sometimes 200.
Me: Okay, if tablecloth costs 100 euros above, then it's called ghutra! Hahahaha

In the Gulf, the traditional headdress typically worn by Arab men is called ghutra. It is made of a square of scarf cotton in all-white or  may have a checkered pattern in red or black stitched into them, which folded into a triangular shape with the fold in front over the skullcap called gahfeyah or tagiyah. (In other Arab countries, ghutra is called keffiyeh.)

In the world of fashion, the keffiyeh (also known as the Arab scarf) became a popular accessory. It is usually in different colors and designs and worn as a regular scarf around the neck, or loosely wrapped over the shoulders, or folded in half to make a triangle then wear around the neck to leave one point facing down, or worn it anyway people want.

I actually saw an Arab woman - Egyptian or Lebanese (?) on the dance floor - she wrapped the Arab scarf around her waist then started belly dancing. I am not sure if she did that to maximize the use of  it or to improve her dance floor's reputation.

I think we can put those tablecloths to a really good use if we want to get more public attention. Hahaha - just kidding! ✿