Saturday, April 24, 2010

Barbie Doll Gets An Extreme Makeunder

Ever wondered how your favorite Barbie doll would look like after an extreme makeunder? Let's take a look...

Well, I think, it isn't bad, is it?

The doll dresses in black (right side) is actually not Barbie, she is Fulla. She is the "Barbie in the Arab world". Definitely not a Barbie wannabe, matter of fact, she is the exact opposite of Barbie. Fulla and Barbie obviously look very different. Barbie can wear anything skimpy and revealing while Fulla only wears modest outfits. Fulla depicts the Arab values and traditional social norms therefore she has no boyfriend where the Western-inspired Barbie has Ken. 

Although some find Fulla doll as dull and boring because of her "limited" line of clothing and accessories, nonetheless I'd like to buy and own one. 

Would you prefer Fulla over Barbie? ✿