Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alzheimer is an Arab

We - my Arab and I - often joke that AL-zheimer is an Arab. Why? Because in the Arab world, mostly in the Gulf, they have the prefix "Al" in their last name, e.g. Al-Saud, Al-Sabah, Al-Nahyan, Al-Khalifa, etc.

As my Arab explained to me, AL (which means "the" in English) is usually followed by the tribe name so they can trace their grand grand grand fathers. Not every Arab has AL nor everyone in the Gulf has it, only those who have tribe. And not all tribes are equal, some are more classy. Those without AL usually referred to as "originless" or "invaders".
I am talking about Alzheimer because my Arab forgot that today is MY day, he thought it was tomorrow (8th of April). Last year, he thought it was the day before my real birthday. Imagine calling me on the 6th of April and greeting me Happy Birthday!?! LOL

I was actually thought yesterday was a déjà vu, because his call woke me up, I was thinking he was going to greet me Happy Birthday again on the 6th of April, glad he didn't. Okay, year 2007 he remembered it right because he has the copy of my passport that time. I am sure next year he won't fail. I've told him to just count the letter of his first name (which has 4) and mine (which has 7), then he'll get it.

I was mad earlier but chose to let it go. Just because he isn't good with remembering dates doesn't mean he is unromantic. In fact, he is trying to make it up to me now. I have once read that love is a decision, and forgiveness is part of it. And I do not want to spoil our happiness with dramas and petty things. ✿