Sunday, March 28, 2010


Racism exists EVERYWHERE - online and offline!

Racist bullcrap and ignorance, here it goes...

Online racism »

It's funny to meet SOME racist white people online, especially those who are in a relation or married to Arabs and yet looking down on me for being an Asian. What is wrong with me being a yellow and you being UN-yellow? Do you seriously think that the Arab world would not accept me because I am JUST an Asian and they would PREFER your race over ours? Come on ladies, don't you know that Arabs are Asians too? And for whatever my women have come to be negatively known for, they do not necessarily represent the whole Asia nor my country and no, they are definitely NOT me.  

Offline racism »

My aunt's Australian husband, after knowing that my bf is an Arab, he started giving me a long lecture  about Arab men (read: stereotyping). I cannot believe what he said and suggested "to find a WHITE guy - Briton or Aussie coz they are BETTER"!


Just because you are white doesn't mean you are superior. No, you are not like you think you are. Your skin color or nationality doesn't tell you about anything. What matters most is the inside, what's the point of being white if it's "unwhite" from the inside?

Seriously, your mentality SHOULD be corrected!

If you are here reading my entry, there are good and bad people everywhere of every race but never let the bad outweighs the good. ✿