Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sweet talk

i have read that arabs are such sweet talkers (!) because poetry is revered in arab culture. arabs have often used the poetry form of expression in all aspects of life, most especially to convey praise, loyalty and love.

hmmm.. i wonder why my arab seldom sweet-talks me... *grins*

frankly, i seldom like sweet talk. i mean it's okay to sweet-talk every once in a while. alright, fess up - we all need a bit of it from time to time because it makes us feel better.

not all sweet talks are true, sometimes it connotes insincerity and/or "ass-kissing". some people sweet-talk in order to persuade someone to do or believe something.

so girls be careful of the guys who promise you the moon and the stars, sometimes they sweet-talk just to get inside your pants ✿