Monday, March 22, 2010

Love Knows No Distance

The success of any romantic relationship - be it short or long distance, is a joint effort. as the old saying goes, it takes 2 to tango. 

My Arab and I, we, are currently and literally thousand of miles and oceans apart but we have many ways to bond and maintain our emotional connection.
We do things together simultaneously. We download a movie or the latest episode of our favorite TV shows (House, NCIS, Psych, Grey's Anatomy, Caprica, Family Guy, Royal Pains, BSG, Firefly, Dexter, name it) and then watch it together at the same time. We exchange laughs and comments about the scenes, dialogues as well as the actors. We also watch funny clips or mtv from youtube and listen to same song at same time.  and would you believe that these are all his brilliant ideas?! Yes, he is sweet :)

We do not take communication for granted. We chat for about 8-12 hours daily but not continuously, there's a little break from time to time. We talk about anything, everything and nothing - from our personal lives to jokes to news to celebrity gossips, etc. We send emails too if one of us can't get online, yeah we use email as our instant messenger. i send him letter/card via snail mail once in a blue moon (but at least!). 

We used to play games online and also tried voice-chat via skype but it doesn't work for us because I have a crappy internet connection. We seldom exchange sms as we are both not getting it most of the time. Same with long-distance phone calls aside from being quite expensive, calling me is a waste of time! It is either he cannot get through with my lines or we cannot hear each other. mostly, after getting connected, the only words we say are "hello?? hello? what? what did you say?" then --------------- disconnected! We always end up frustrated. Communication lines are sketchy in the third world. LOL

Anyways, what matters most are we understand and trust each other (although i am super jealous and paranoid and insecure most of the time), we learned to be patient, we always think positive and we are not quitters!

And to those involved in LDR now, keep in mind that attention is the best form of love, and that the greatest gift you can give to your partner is your time. It is like giving a portion of your life that you can never get back.

So make it work and have a happy ending! ✿