Sunday, February 21, 2010

the secret

i often joke with my arab that i am his "kept" woman.

please do not get me wrong, i am NOT his other woman as he is NEITHER married NOR has other girlfriend. i am his "kept" woman because he is keeping me under wraps. you read it right, his family doesn't know about my existence.

we are in "hiding" but he is allowing me to tell anyone including his friends (if they would ever ask), except his cousin, that i am his girlfriend. 

to make the long story short.. we are in an, so to speak, interracial relationship. so as dictated by their cultural tradition and him being from the land of the two holiest places, he ought not to date nor have a girlfriend. as a matter of fact, in his motherland, people of the opposite sex who are not family are not allowed to socialize with each other.

i cannot blame him...✿