Saturday, January 30, 2010

thirty rocks!

my arab is turning 30 today and i am going to write a random list of 30 reasons why i am so in love with him :)
  1. he teaches me things, about life and everything.
  2. he doesn't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks about him.
  3. he takes fantastic photos.
  4. he has a sense of humor that doesn't quit and even his sarcasm is amusing.
  5. he is sweet in his own little way - the little thing he does for me, his small gestures that speak volumes about how much he cares even though he always tries to hide it.
  6. he takes my grumpy days well and has lived with my tantrums for quite a long time.
  7. he says what he thinks even when it isn't good or it's about me yet he'd never belittle or berate me just for the sake of making me feel down.
  8. he always asks me what i think.
  9. he makes suggestions but would never try to change me.
  10. he always keeps his cool when i do or say something silly.
  11. he can always makes me smile even when i'm trying to be bitchy.
  12. he always strives for excellence.
  13. he is polite to everyone except those that exceed boundaries.
  14. he is very dedicated and hardworking yet also stubborn, a little rebellious and lazy.
  15. he admits his mistakes.
  16. he introduced me to many tv shows, movies and songs.
  17. he understands me and can always sense when something is wrong with me.
  18. he has lovely nose and beautiful brown eyes - love them.
  19. he is the smartest person i've ever met.
  20. he has a strong DESIRE for knowledge.
  21. we talk about anything and everything and we argue about funny things.
  22. he will fight very hard to defend the people he cares about.
  23. he loves to tease.
  24. he is a little crazy sometimes.
  25. he thinks i'm always beautiful, even when i look my worst.
  26. he is not only my lover but my best friend, my consoler, my tutor, my personal journal, my doctor and so much more that can go on and on and on.
  27. he looks hot in black.
  28. he has the kindest heart i've ever known.
  29. he is a great human being and a very wonderful person.
  30. he is not superman, batman, spiderman or captain america but i love him anways! 
i wish him all the best and all the success in the world especially at work - he works damned hard and i could not be more proud of him. thanks for everything !

happy birthday hun! it's a bliss to be your babe. love you! (you know that right?) ◕‿◕