Friday, January 8, 2010


to most of us - women, hair is considered as our crowning glory. it is certainly our most prized possession and one to which we give a great deal of attention, time and imagination. apparently,  having a bad hair can make us loss our self-confidence or downright cranky and without it, it can be a very awful sight to many .

but these girls make me wonder about this crowning-glory-stuff... look at them they are wearing a hijab (head cover) but still they look so amazingly beautiful?
then guess what? i tried to wear a hijab last night to see if i would look stunning like them but much to my dismay, i was not pleasant to look at. i guess it really has something to do with the nose and eyes.

i don't have those distinct facial features, my nose is flat and my eyelashes are short.... wish i was born arab! ◕‿◕